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Choosing Wireless Routers and Cable Modems

Whether you are working from home or playing games online, having the fastest wireless network possible is a necessity. A weak connection can make using even the most powerful gaming desktop a hassle. Remote meetings and video calls require significant bandwidth and can put some severe strain on your network. Having an unstable connection can also negatively impact online gaming with frequent disconnects and other issues. Having a reliable high speed connection can make everything from streaming video to remote work efficient and enjoyable. The best way to improve the strength of your network is through the implementation of powerful equipment such as high end access points, modems, and routers. Your internet service provider will provide you with basic equipment - this may not include a wireless router which is necessary to set up a WiFi network. If your ISP offers a wireless router, it may still be advisable to use your own if you plan to connect many devices to your network wirelessly. Additional equipment can take your wireless network to the next level by boosting the range and power of your signal to most optimal levels.

Access points are amazing small devices that can be added to a network to extend the range and power of a wireless signal. Larger homes or businesses may benefit from creating a mesh network. The primary benefit of mesh networks is that each device in the network connects together to provide more coverage without compromising latency or speed. Different hardware such as gaming routers or desktop switches can be integrated into mesh networks and work to make the signal as strong as can be in all areas. Gaming routers are an excellent way to improve WiFi signal to the maximum speeds possible by your connection. These devices are designed to provide the most powerful yet stable connections for when it matters most. Gaming routers can also function like desktop switches and provide multiple hardwired high speed connections for other devices. A great place to start with upgrading your network is to purchase a gaming router. The technology present in these devices helps to boost your WiFi signal straight out of the box. As your needs grow, you can add new equipment to integrate with your router and improve your wireless network quality.