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Prebuilt Desktop Computers

Gaming PCs are more popular than ever, and the limitless options out there can be intimidating for people new to the hobby. Prebuilt PCs offer the functionality of a custom gaming PC but without the need for setup or any previous computer knowledge. Prebuilt gaming PCs are an excellent way to get into the hobby and offer the opportunity to upgrade and customize parts over time. Name brands such as HP and Dell offer a wide variety of prebuilt gaming PCs that can have you up and running in no time. These computers' many variations and price points make them great for any task from gaming to office work. Prebuilt PCs come ready out of the box, and most desktop PCs will even come with a keyboard and mouse, although upgrading your peripherals is always great option. When you buy a prebuilt PC, it also includes the operating system, but adding additional software like Microsoft Office or ESET Antivirus will help complete your setup. Don't forget to purchase a monitor (or two) for your prebuilt gaming PC so you can start gaming right away. Almost all prebuilt gaming PCs support an HDMI output and thus are compatible with nearly any modern TV or monitor.

Warranties for prebuilt PCs are easy to manage, help to reduce stress, and save you time when repairs are needed. Extended warranties and service plans can keep your desktop protected for years to come. The service team at Micro Center can help you with any problem that may arise and ensure your computer is working as you intended. An often forgotten benefit of prebuilt PCs is that while they come assembled, they can still be modified and upgraded just like any other gaming PC. Components such as graphics cards, RAM, or storage drives can easily be swapped out to increase a desktop PC's performance. If you ever have problems finding parts or ensuring compatibility between components, you can use Micro Center's Custom PC Builder tool to help you answer your questions. With a little bit of work and minor upgrades, you can make any prebuilt PC feel unique and personalized.