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Browse Our Gaming Controller Selection

You might be a PC gamer who misses the gamepad experience, or a vintage gaming fan looking for an old school controller. Or you might be one of the many gamers looking for specialized PC game controllers in their preferred genres like flight simulators, racing games, or fighting games. Whatever controller you need for maximum performance in the games you love, Micro Center has you covered.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Controller

With so many different options, what is the most effective way to decide which controller suits your needs best? These are some of the main factors to think about:

Wired vs. Wireless Connectivity: Some gamers still prefer wired controllers because they have almost no latency. These typically use a USB-C or USB-A connection. As a side bonus, some controllers will also let you connect a wired gaming headset so you don’t have to run a cable all the way to your PC or console. For many gamers, however, a wireless controller connected either via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz RF is more than good enough, thanks to advances in wireless tech that have reduced latency to almost undetectable levels.

Specialty Controllers: Various specialty controller types include features designed for a more immersive experience in certain video game genres. These include Hands On Throttle and Stick, or HOTAS, controllers for flight simulators, wheel and pedal controllers for racing games, and arcade sticks for fighting games. Some controllers also emulate the feel and button layout of particular old school gaming controllers like the GameCube, SNES, or even Atari 2600.

Customizable Functionality: Many controllers include setup software that allows users to reconfigure button functionality. This is especially clutch for older PC games that might not offer native controller support or if you are looking to create an ergonomic setup. You can simply map your preferred keyboard inputs to your controller.

Supported Systems: What gaming systems do you want to use your controller with? Whether you are gaming on a Windows PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or something else, make sure to find controllers that offer compatibility with your system of choice. Some controllers also now work with mobile gaming on iPhone and Android, allowing you to connect your phone directly to the controller via an adapter.

Battery Life: Be sure to check the rated battery life on any wireless controller with a rechargeable battery. This will determine how often you will be able to play without needing to connect the controller to its dock.

Micro Center’s range of gaming controllers includes top peripheral brands like Logitech, Razer, 8bitdo, and Thrustmaster, with superior prices on a huge variety of models. Want more options for your favorite games? See all of our gaming keyboards and gaming mice for the very best in PC gaming controls.